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Female Impotence

There are many causes for female impotence: including stress, fibroids, pain during intercourse, a lack of sexual arousal, reduced sensation in the vaginal area, and other medical resons.

With regard to pain during sex, please look at Pelvic Floor Pain, Incontinence & Lower Back Pain

As far as a lack of sexual arousal goes, there are many reasons this can happen: i.e. a lack of skill on the part of the partner, traumatic experiences in the past, such as sexual abuse, rape, or other underlying psychological causes. Massage can help in this regard, but counselling is really recommended.

In fact, in all of these cases consulting a health professional recommended to rule out any underlying health problem. If there is no seriouse medical issue, then the Yeru massage is designed precisely for this type of situation. It is a very relaxing massage, and administered regularly, it can help most women.
For more info on this treatment look at Yeru Massage

Together with stress, tight psoas muscles will probably be the biggest cause of impotence in women. There are a few massage treatments available to help with this, and they can be offered together with the yeru massage Lastly, just as with men short hamstrings can also lead impotence in women.

Short hamstrings are well known for being the cause of a lot of back pain. We give very little though to these, often over worked, muscles.

Being postural muscle, the hamstrings are usually in a state of tension, or we would simply fall over. But, they hardly every get stretched properly, and are often the most neglected.

The problem is, that when they shorten, we know all about it, as they tilt the pelvis slightly and cause us some lower back pain. If left untreated though, this will carry on to cause more than a little lower back pain, but also have an effect on the sacro-tuberouse ligament. (a ligament deep in the groin area) and cause it to be put under tension. This ligament will in turn compress the pudendal nerve and sciatic nerve. The pudendal nerve provides sensory and motor innervation to sex organs as well as the urine bladder and anal sphincters, while the sciatic nerve feeds to the leg and foot. One can imagine, that when these nerves are compressed, that over time they gradually stop functioning, and loss of both function and sensation are experienced.

In short, tight hamstrings can and does cause impotency in men (as well as loss of sensation in women) along with sciatic pain. Because of the loss of sensation this causes in women, there is also a loss of sexual function, and it's is impossible to reach orgasm.

Warning signs are, lower back pain, numbness and tingling in the feet, or legs, as well as the sex organs.

Treatment includes massage and stretching (of the lower back bum and hamstrings).

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