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Standards of Practice

1. I will respect the right of my clients to truthful, relevant information.

2. I will respect the right of my clients to dignity.

3. I will not turn away clients on discriminatory criteria such as race, gender, sexual orientation, body type, culture, religion or HIV status.

4. I must turn away clients who present with contraindications to massage and refer them back to a qualified health professional, but will do so with respect.

5. I will turn away any client who displays disregard for my own dignity, or that of any of my other clients.

6. I will respect the right of my clients to (confidentiality),information shared with me will not divulged to any other client or third party unless I have specific permission to do so.

7. I will not have sex with a client, so please don't even ask.

8. Clients will not be made to remove more clothing than is necessary for the massage routine requested. I do make use of draping as and when required.

9. Full body massage usually includes breasts, however, I will not include them if you are not comfortable with that.

10. I will not massage any part of a client without their permission.

11. I will provide a clean, safe environment and make use of clean and safe equipment.

12. I will perform only those services for which I am trained.

13. I will not make false claims of the benefits of massage and I will inform my clients as to the benefits and contraindications of massage.

14. I will maintain clear open lines of communication with clients. Please ask if there is anything you would like to know, or have me do, etc.

15. I will strive for professional excellence.

16. I do massage minor children, but not without a parent/guardian being present. The law states that a child over the age of 14 may give consent without the aid of a parent or guardian. However, I would certainly not allow anybody under the age of 16 to come without their parent/guardian and I will not allow anybody under the age of 18 to come without the knowledge of their parents/guardian.

17. If you start to display an unhealthy emotional attachment to me (transference) I am obliged to end the business relationship, and refer you to another massage therapist, and/or counselling.