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The Yeru Full Body Massage (Super smooth)

This is the most amazing, relaxing, de-stressing massage you will ever have.

- Totally relaxing.

- Promotes emotional healing.

- Improves body image.

- Reduces the effects of stress on ones health.

Yeru is a Hebrew word meaning flow. As the name suggests, this is a flowing massage, with smooth unbroken strokes, many of them full body length strokes.

I have developed this massage routine as a flowing routine incorporating a blend classical Swedish massage techniques, some Hawaiian kahuna massage techniques, incorporating many full body length flowing strokes, that give an unimaginably relaxing, almost out of body experience. Like floating on a cloud.

The main purpose of this massage is for relaxation and stress reduction, however, it has other very notable benefits as well. It is a massage which is able help the client enjoy their body and feel comfortable in it. This massage can be of particular benefit to women suffering with eating disorders, depression or stress. It is a non-sexual massage, and so it can also be helpful to patients with a history of abuse, as it is very healing and able to help you develop a healthy body image.

The mechanism behind this massage is that massage is able to bring balance back to the hormone levels within the body, particularly serotonin levels (happy hormone), endorphin levels (feel good hormone)and dopamine. This combined with receiving these good feeling via human touch, is very therapeutic for the development of a healthy body image.

As well as being extremely relaxing, this massage often induces an emotional release, which can be very liberating. It is also very effective at improving the receiver's body image.

I have done extensive research into the effects of the Yeru massage on body image. You can read the research here. Body Image and Massage, by Craig Botha

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