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Massage Testimonials.

"Craig makes use of amazing technique which can only be noted by his years of experience and knowledge enveloped in the session. 🙏 It was a relaxing massage in a hidden gem of Kempton Park, the studio leading out to a garden with nature creeping into the session (bird songs) adds to the atmosphere of drifting away."
Angelique recommends Massage Therapy by Craig Botha.

"As I had never gone for a massage before and having pain in my neck after falling on ice rink, suffer with lower back pain,well didn't know what to expect I thought oh this is gonna hurt! But to my suprise it didn't at all, was very soothing and relaxing experience in spite of being shy I felt calm, I was on cloud 9:) I will be coming back for the magic hands to sooth my stress and pain, May you Craig be blessed in many years to come, kind regards from

"After weeks of walking around with a painful ligament problem in my knee, I am almost pain free after 5 sessions....thank you Craig!!!!!!"
Di (written on facebook page)

"I found Craig to be very professional , attentive and knowledgeable".

"Thanks Craig, loved everything about you and your massage! it was absolutely beautiful, I felt so relaxed and peaceful."

"Dit is my tweede keer by Craig gewees en die massering was nog beter, voel vandag stukke beter.Hy werk elke probleem area intens en sorg dat jy heeltemal ontspanne daar weggaan. Voorwaar n sessie om elke keer na uit te sien."

"Craig was very professional and his facility is clean, neat and comfortable. I enjoyed the massage and felt good and relaxed after the massage."

"I love what Craig does and not always sure I can define what it does for me. I have been fortunate to have had massages in many places in the world and I can recommend him to anyone who needs a caring touch. I value his work so much that I buy my friends massages for gifts now. Craig is gentle, proficient and always lets one feel at ease. Oh ENJOY."

"I had been looking around for a massage therapist for a long time, when a friend of mine referred me to Craig Botha. I was very impressed with his standard of professionalism. The massage studio was clean and had a welcoming atmosphere to it. The massage was strong and I benefited a lot from it as I suffer badly from back problems. I definitely felt a relief in the back problems I suffer from. It is hard to find a good, qualified professional massage therapist today, but Craig lived up to all my expectations. Anyone suffering from pain should definitely contact Craig for an appointment and let him help you out."

"Thank goodness I found an excellent massage therapist. I was surprised when Craig immediately knew which areas to work on. Three sessions later my excruciating back ache became more tolerable, a few more sessions later and I could manage without pain pills and I still am. Apart from helping me to manage my pain and improving some of my musculoskeletal problems, it is extremely relaxing. I am also experiencing an array of other positive results such as smooth and soft skin, a feeling of well-being and a renewed zest for life. Craig is very professional and it is evident that he has a passion for what he does."

"I have always had problems dealing with stress and by implication back and neck problems. Over and above always being able to make me feel brand new at the end of a massage, Craig is always able to make me feel completely at ease and comfortable in my own skin. Some of the more intimate (full body/deep tissue) massages would be uncomfortable to say the least with a massuese of the oposite sex but this is the furtherest thing from the truth with Craig. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone whether male, female, for stress, sports injury or just to make you feel new again!"


"I too am a qualified massage therapist and its an occupational hazard that us therapist don't always treat our own bodies the way we treat others'. We spend hours on our feet, working over our clients, tension mounts in our shoulders just as much as an office worker, if not more. Fortunately I am mainly an office worker and only did my massage therapy part-time, but the tension was still there! Having been to a few massage therapists, mainly female and I was quite hesitant but he immediately made me feel comfortable. And when he applied the oils to my skin, his touch relaxed me even more. I am partial to a firm touch and I enjoy applied-pressure, which is probably why I prefer Craig's touch. Although he can be just as gentle! I always left his studio feeling invigorated & stress-free. What I do recommend is that you have REGULAR treatments from Craig. He will not only relax your muscles, but tone your skin too. Craig, thank you for your healing hands! "

"Craig gives the most relaxing and wonderful massages ever!!I haven’t ever really gotten a massage but getting a massage from him was a really new and exciting experience as he makes you feel so relaxed, calm, collected and comfortable:)I was even lucky enough to get the massage for free as a gift from him which was really sweet of him!! I will definitely go sometime again, and I'll definitely recommend Craig to anyone!! And one last thing I would like to add is that Craig is very considerate and doesn't force you to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with and you can see has a passion for what he does through his massages which just makes the massage more enjoyable!"

"My wife and I went for the full body massage on Friday. Although it was very awkward for me at first Craig was very professional and I started to relax and enjoyed the massage. We had an action cricket game later that night and it was most probably one of the better games for me in a long while. Even after the game I still felt good and where I normally have stiff mussels the next day or two this time around it was not the case.I will recommend this for anybody that is in need of a bit of stress relief and relaxation."

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