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Swedish Massage

The classical western style of massage

Treat yourself to a fantastic time of de-stressing and feeling good. This massage combines the classical massage strokes to give you the most relaxing experience, while at the same time, giving you all the benefit of massage. Not too deep and not too light, not too slow and not too fast. It's just right.

Benefits of Swedish massage

With regular massage one can expect:
Improved health
Improved venous return i.e. blood flow back to the heart.
Improved lymphatic return, thus improving elimination of toxins from the muscles.
Improved sleeping due to stress relief.
Emotional & physical Stress Relief.
Improved condition and flexibility.

Swedish massage. Craig Botha: I am a registered massage therapist in Kepmton Park near Johannesburg, Gauteng.

What to expect from a Swedish massage:

A Swedish massage is not supposed to be a very painful experience, though some pain may be unavoidable, particularly if you have a lot of knots in your muscles.

As well as leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free, a massage can also
leave you feeling drugged because of toxins and wastes being removed
from the muscles, the body also produces endorphins which may put
you on a bit of a high, this is very evident after a back or full
massage if you have a lot of knots in your back, but can be quite

The nature of this massage requires bare skin,
particularly for the stroking movements which require massage oils
to reduce pulling on the skin. It would follow then, that any part
of the body being massaged needs to be undressed. Areas that are not
being massaged at the time are kept covered with a towel to keep you
warm in winter and to preserve your modesty if this would make you
feel more comfortable. Care will be taken not to expose any private
areas of the body.

Swedish massage routines:

Back & Shoulders
Back, Shoulders, Legs & Bum
Full Massage

I can also adjust the routine for you to meet your particular needs.

The development of Swedish massage is credited to Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839).
Through experimentation he leaned massage and put the information together in a workable form.
He developed a system of massage that used many of the positions and
movements of Swedish gymnasts. This system was based on the newly
discovered knowledge of the circulation of blood and lymph. (The
Chinese had been using these methods for centuries).

Ling taught many physicians from Germany, Austria,
Russia and England who later spread his teachings to their own
native lands. Ling and others practising the Swedish Movement Cure
(school teaching medical gymnastics), are credited with the second
modern revival of massage.
Swedish massage uses techniques such
as stroking (effleurage), kneading, hacking or slapping (tapotement)
and deep friction.
It is out of Swedish massage that sports
massage developed.