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Pelvic Floor Pain Massage

Interstitial Cystitis, Incontinence & Lower Back Pain.

These conditions are often also linked to IBS, and this massage is also effective for IBS.

Pelvic floor pain and incontinence associated with lower back pain is well documented in older women. The usual cause is pelvic floor muscles that have lost their tone. This condition is easily rectified with exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

It is however, also very common to see these symptoms in younger women who are fit. Women such as personal trainers, dancers, pilates instructors etc. With these women the usual cause is the exact opposite, in that the muscles of the pelvic floor are too tight, and full of trigger points, preventing them from working properly. The trigger points in these muscles also refer pain to the lower back.

Treatment is two fold:
1.Massage: The massage for this condition is called the “Thiele massage”, named after the person who developed it. It is a very invasive, “trans vaginal” massage. The means that the therapist puts on a rubber clove and massages these muscle, accessing them via the vagina.

I do insist on the patient first undergoing a proper medical examination to determine that there is no other underlying cause, as well as signing a consent form before doing this massage.

In my experience, this massage is extremely effective, and the results are dramatic.

2.Stretching: This is a much less invasive treatment, it is a self treatment that can be done at home with a tennis ball. It's quite simple ie. sit on a tennis ball.

For more info on this treatment and the condition please visit the research section of this website. You can also follow the link below:
Thiele Massage research paper by: University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine, Cooper Hospital, Camden, New Jersey 08043, USA.
interstitial-cystitis: Also read the page on this site for Endometriosis.

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