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What to expect from a therapeutic massage

I work from a beautiful, warm, inviting studio, a very professional environment. I also travel to clients homes.

If it is your first massage with me, I will require you to fill in a few forms such as consent to be massaged, personal information and medical history etc. and I will require you to read my Standards of Practise . I will need to know what areas of your body need to be massaged, what type of massage you require, and what you hope to achieve by coming for a massage. I will also need to do a short physical assessment, including blood pressure and heart rate. This will give me a better idea of how to proceed with your treatment. It is also a primary health screening procedure, that may pick up indicators that a full medical check up is needed.

Because I use oils to massage with, any area that is going to be massaged needs to be undressed. This means that for a back massage, you will need to undress the top half of your body, and in the case of a full body massage, you will need to undress completely. Areas not being massaged can be draped with a towel, both to keep you warm, and to keep your private areas covered. I will make every effort not to expose any areas that you don't want exposed.

In the case of a full body massage,it is much easier to give a massage without the draping (as it gets in the way), however, please ask me first before you do away with the draping, to make sure I am comfortable with it. I will also make sure that you are comfortable with me removing any draping before I do so, and if need be.

The room will be heated if the weather is cold (mostly because I feel the cold sooner than most people do).

There will be a glass of water for you to drink if you need it.

You will be encouraged to drink a lot of water after any massage, as massage releases toxins from the body tissues into the blood stream, which need to be flushed out of the system.

You are encouraged to ask questions. If you are not sure about anything, or you have any request or question, don't hesitate to ask.

Lymphatic breast care massage has been shown to be very effective in preventing breast cancer, I do need your specific consent before I massage your breasts. For this reason, the medical history form that you fill in includes this consent. I will not massage your breasts without your permission. If you want to exclude your breasts from the massage, please let me know, because I don't want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Breast massage is included as part of a the normal full body massage. Please feel free to ask any questions, your comfort is most important.

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