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Frequently Asked Questions about Massage.

There are a few questions I am asked very often, regarding the massage routines I offer. So I thought that I might try to answer them here.

Q.1 "Do you do physiotherapy?" or " Are you a physio?"

A. I'm not quite sure if this is a language issue, but no, I'm not a physio. There is a lot of similarity and overlap between massage therapy and physiotherapy. The main difference is that I do not deal with joints, I only do soft tissue manipulation i.e. massage.
In post operative cases, I also only start treating patients once 6 weeks has passed, where as physios will start treating patients almost immediately.

Q.2 "Can I get a sports massage if I don't have a spots injury?"

A. This is the best time to get a sports massage, because it is very effective in preventing injuries. The truth is that I can only deal with very minor injuries. If you have a serious injury, you need to first see a doctor, who will probably send you to a physiotherapist for a few weeks, then only would it be normal for you to start seeing someone like myself who does sports massage. The true benefits of sports massage are only realised with regular massage sessions, as part of a training program. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Q.3 "Can I get a sports massage if I don't do sport?"

A. Yes, there are many benefits to sports massage, including the easing of tight muscles and stress reduction/relaxation, cancer prevention / recovery. Remember though that I don't only do sports massage but a range of therapeutic type massages, and I can tailor make the massage routine for your needs.

Q.4 "How often should I get a massage?"

A. This is probably more a question of economics, like how often can you afford to get a massage. Ideally it would be great if everyone could get a massage twice a week. From personal experience, I am at my best if I get a massage once a week, and if I go a more than a month without a massage I start to struggle. It is advisable to at least have a 2 or 3 day gap between massages.

In the case of sports massage the following may help:

I've devised a table to help calculate how often you may want to be going for a sports massage (This is not a prescription, but just a useful guide). Circle one number from each column that best applies to you. Then add the 3 numbers together and compare it with the key. This should give you a rough guide, as to how often you should be thinking of booking yourself a massage.

Who are you? Physical condition ? Budget?
Full time pro 10 Perfect fitness 1 Limitless 10
Part time sponsored 10 A few knots/niggles 5 Large 8
Top amateur 8 Carrying a strain injury 10 Ok 6
Competitive amateur 6 Tight 4
Train regularly 4 Very tight 1
Slightly active 2 No budget 0
Not active 1

30Every second day
25Twice a week
15Once a week
10Every Second week
3Once a month
2Scrounge a massage from your sister

Q.5 "Will it hurt?"

A. This all depends on your condition. If you are in good condition, the answer is no. If you have active trigger points that need deactivating the answer is yes but it will be within what you fell acceptable. If you are not used to receiving a deep tissue or sports massage, the answer may also be yes, however, it will always be within what you are comfortable with. Please speak up if it is not.

If you are not used to a deep massage, it is quite normal to feel a bit tender for a day or two after the massage, but the benefits afterwards far out-way the short term discomfort.

A classical Swedish type of massage should never really hurt.

Q.6 "How old do I need to be to get a massage?"

A. There is not really any age limit. The law does state (in the Child Care Act of 1983), that anyone above the age of 14 years can give informed consent without their parents being present. But I would feel very uncomfortable giving a massage to anybody under the age of 18 without their parents permission, and I certainly would not massage anybody under the age of 16 without their parents being present.

Q.7 "I'm shy to come alone, can I bring someone with who can stay in the room with me?"

A. Yes. Your comfort is what really counts.

Q.8 "How much does it cost?"

A. Look at the "Massage Price List Page. I have listed everything there.

Q.9 "Will I have to get undressed? and how much would I have to take off?"

A. Yes, the extent would depending on the treatment:
I take the following into account:

1. All the massage techniques I use require the use of oil on bare skin.

2. The client's need for privacy/modesty (I want you to feel comfortable enough to come back).

3. You need to stay warm during the massage, as it helps you to relax.

So let me try to answer it this way:
The parts that you are having massaged need to be undressed e.g.. If you are having a back massage, you need to take your top and bra off, if you are having a full body massage you need to undress totally. However, I will keep your private area covered with a towel, unless we are both comfortable with removing it for practicality sake. I have a screen that you can go behind to get undressed, unless you are comfortable and just want to get on with it. You are also free to change your mind during a massage (you may want to add more draping, or get rid of it). You are the one in control, I want you to feel comfortable.

Q.10 Can I claim from medical aid?

A. Yes, depending on your medical aid. I am registered and have a practice number, however, not all medical aid schemes pay for therapeutic massage. So, it is incumbent upon you to first find out from your medical aid if they pay. In any case, you would pay me and claim back from your medical aid.

At this stage Discovery (with savings portion) as well as Medihelp do pay for therapeutic massage out of your saving portion.

Discovery administers following Health schemes and they are covered too:
DHMS plans with a saving account
Bankmed Medical Scheme plans with a saving account
LA Health plans with a medical savings account
Quantum Medical Scheme plans with a savings account
Remedi Medical Scheme Comprehensive plan
Tsogo Medical Scheme plans with a savings account
UKZN plan types with a savings account.
Engen plan with savings account.

In any case, you will pay me for your massage treatment, and then claim it back from your medical aid.

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