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Piriformis Syndrome Massage

Piriformis syndrome is a very common condition resulting in pain, numbness and tingling down the thigh, leg and foot, and also the bum and lower back.

The mechanism behind this condition is simple: a little muscle in the bum, called the Piriformis (named for it's shape) is in spasm for some reason. This little muscle is a stability muscle, so it can develop go into spasm from any sport, particularly running, and particularly if the runner has some sort of stability issue, like the wrong shoes, but sitting on it for extended periods can also make it go into spasm. The muscle then becomes hard and tight and clamps down on the sciatic nerve on it's path to the thigh and leg. This results in pain, numbness, tingling and weakness on that side. Pain can also be referred up into the lower back

Sadly, this condition is often misdiagnosed as a spinal disc problem and very often results in unnecessary surgery.

It's is easy to teat for, with an orthopaedic test.

Treatment is simple:


For more info on this treatment and the condition please visit the research section of this website.

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