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Fybromyalgia Care Massage

Fibromyalgia is a condition that more and more people are struggling with. The cause is not fully understood, but is is clear that stress is the trigger.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterised by chronic pain, and sleep difficulties. Other typical symptoms, include balance problems, dizziness, nausea etc, particularly after lying on ones stomach.

Sufferes are often not diagnosed for years and are accused of being hypochondriacs

Diagnosis often takes years, and only after almost everything else has been ruled out, though the most common method of diagnosis is if 12 out of the 18 predicable tender points produce pain when pressed with a finger, this is a out dated method. More modern diagnostic methods include a detailed questionare about pain and other symptoms, wich give a score.

Massage treatment: Massage is probably the most reliable for of treatment for fibromyalgia, it is not a cure, but certainly helps improve sleep, brings pain relief, and improves energy levels, helping the sufferer to cope better with life. There are difficulties with massaging somebody with fibro, and the massage has to be adapted significantly. I have quite a bit of experience with this massage and the results are very good.

Is is important to note, that the first few massages can produce some nausea, a dizziness. Each person reacts differently, and it may take a few massage treatments to find what works best for you. With fibo, a regular massage is vital to maintain the beneficial effects.

Most of the symptoms of fribromyalgia are the same as the possible symptoms experience with thight psoas muscles. So psoas massage treatments may be appropriate.

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