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Commentary On Erotic Massage

I do realise that many people want an erotic massage. But you need to find somebody else if that is what you are looking for. On the other hand, if what you really want is a good, straight forward massage, give me a call.

Yes, erotic massage is stress relieving, and there maight be evidence for physical and emotional health benefits. However:

- Erotic massage is not in the scope of pracite of a therapeutic massage therapist.

-You should not have to pay for erotic massage. It is something that couples should engoy together, or friends, depending on your world view.

-It should never be one person exploiting another.

-It's a very intimate and bonding activity for couples to explore, and could save your marriage if you experiment within your own marriage, but is powerful enough to destroy your marriage if you introduce other people into the experimentation.

I will say that every massage is sensual, to some extend, even if it is not erotic in it's intent. We experience massage through the senses. This can cause arousal for many people, but it is not nececerily the intent of a therapeutic massage.

I do a very soothing massage for woman, called the Yeru Massage. It requires her to be totally naked, but it is not an erotic massage.

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