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Psoaos Release

Tight psoas muscles can be the cuase of many health problems with see in modern scociety. The biggest cause of tight psoas muscles is stress (it is a muscle that reacts strongly to stress) as well as too much sitting.

The spoas muscle together with the iliacas, is the main flexor of the hip. it ataches to the front of the spin, and to the femur. So, it passes right through the abdomen. It is located right next to all the abdominal organs, and many nerve, nerve roots, blood vessle, and lymphatic vessles. Some even pass through it. It is also attached to the diaphagm at the top, and the pelvic floor muscles near the bottom.

Because of its location. When this muscle is tight, it can lead to IBS, extreem menstral pain, impotence, stressed breathing, painful sex, incontinence, digestive problems, kidney problems, and even adrenal fatigue, along with pelvic floor tightness. However, the most common symptoms are lower back pain, upper back and shoulder pain and neck pain and even headaches, as it can pull the who posture out of line.

If one side is more tight, it can cause what is called a functional short leg, where one side of the pelvis is slightly highe than the other, and a sideways curve in the spine, which is called scoliosis.

When this muscle gets tight, it can also lead to impared lymph flow, so that means swolen legs.

Treatment is not that easy, because it is so deap, and lies next to some very importan organs, however, there are a number of options:
1.Psoas release massage.

2.Thiele massage, which you can read more about on the pelvic floor page.


4. Exercise (don't just sit there).

5. Breathing exercises (learn how to breath with your diaphragm).

Should you wish to contact me, Craig Botha,
or dial 082 812 7921

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