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medical massage top banner. Craig Botha: I am a registered massage therapist in Kepmton Park. Call me on 082 812 9721

Professional Massage Therapy

by Craig Botha

Soothing, Relaxing, Healing

Massage therapy Kempton Park.
Kempton Park, 082 812 9721

Let the stress melt away, and the calmness wash over you.

Medical aid refunds:

Good news: Discovery and GEMS will reimburse you for your therapeutic massage treatments, depending on your particular scheme.

Massage Menu:
Select the extent of massage you would like, e.g.:
Back massage
Legs massage
Back and legs massage, or
Full body massage.

Select the duration of your massage (prices are time based):
Duration Choices:

30min massage R290
45min massage R340
60min massage R420
75min massage R480
90min massage R550

During the consultation we will select the massage modality most appropriate for your needs:
-Sports Massage
-Swedish Massage
-Yeru (flowing) massage
-Deep Tissue Massage
-Pregnancy Massage
-Medical Outcomes Based Massage

For mobile massage add R200 for every 20min. (or part there of) that I need to drive from my studio.

Cash is best, but I can take cards.

Missed appointments are charged at the full rate, unless cancelled at least 24 hours before.

Full Massage Price List

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Massage is for everybody young and old.

How? - Identify how you would like to benefit from massage, be it:

- Reduce the risk of sports injuries,
- Reduce the effects of stress on your health,
- Get rid of those tension headaches,
- Improve body image,
- Speed up recovery after injury, or
- Aid in the treatment of a range of health conditions, from cancer to fibromyalgia.

Massage is for everybody young and old.

Why? - It's all about health and welbeing.

What? - Massage therapy... It has a whole range of benefits for emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Book yourself a soothing, relaxing and restorative massage at my beautiful, peaceful studio, or in the comfort of your own home. What is medical massage?

Medical massage, or therapeutic massage, is any massage given with a therapeutic outcome as the goal. In practical terms this could be:

- A relaxing massage to combat the effects of stress on the body and mind. (I offer Swedish massage and the Yeru massage).

- Sports massage for the prevention and treatment of ports injuries. Regular sports massage should always be part of your training.

- Condition specific massage treatments for a whole range of conditions. These may be anything from chronic pain to cancer treatments, and from improving body image to treating fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, addiction, HIV/AIDS, incontinence, pelvic floor pain, or even those struggling to fall pregnant and so much more.

- Prenatal massage, for expecting mother who want to do everything to give themselves and their child a healthy start in life?

Regular massage has been proved time and time again to be the best thing you can do for your body and mind. It reduces stress, calms the mind, improves body image, improves immune response, and helps muscles recover from hard training. No matter what the type of massage, you're going to come away feeling better for it.

So, if you're in need of a sports massage, or a nice relaxing massage to take away the stress of daily life, or you just want to pamper yourself, give me a call and book your massage today.

Massage can be very addictive and habit forming, you will want to come back again and again, but this is one addiction that is good for you.

5 questions to ask about your massage therapist:
1. Are they properly qualified?
2. Are they legally registered?
3. Do they listen to your needs?
4. Do they care about your health
5. Do they achieve their claimed results?

1. The minimum legal qualification in South Africa is a 2 year diploma in therapeutic massage.
I exceed this minimum, and I have over 10 years experience.

2. I am registered with AHPCSA (which is a legal requirement),
I am also registered with the Board of Health Funders (BHF), which means that I have a practice number recognised buy medical aids, I am also a member of the Massage Therapy Association of South Africa (MTASA), as well as the Aromatherapy Association of South Africa (AROMASA).

3. It is the client that really matters, so if I don't hear their need, I can't meet it. Over 10 years as a massage therapist has taught me to listen. I also have a certificate in counselling which is all about listening.

4. Health is hat it is all about. It is why I am so passionate about massage. It is because I care about your health that I may also challenge you to make changes with regard to your exercise, eating, and smoking habits etc. The question then becomes: Do you care about your own health?

5. Many in the health and fitness industry will make unrealistic claims about the results that they can achieve.
As a professional health provider I have learned that it is reckless to make unrealistic claims. What I can do is give you information about the expected benefits of regular massage. It is possible to realise some of those benefits in a one off massage, but the success rate becomes much higher with regular massage. It is also important to note that only about 90% of my clients get the expected benefits. This means that for about 10% they don't get the expected results. There are a number of reasons for this, from poor communication, to unrealistic expectations, health complications, or external facts such as bad habits posture, exercise, poor sleeping habits, work demands etc. However, even when the clients expectations are not realised, they may still experience the benefits of massage.

Swedish massage

Some of the benefits of massage may include:

Stress reduction
- Improved immune function.
- Relief of muscle tension and pain.
- Detoxification the body.
- Improved body image.
- Psychological healing.
- Reduced cellulite (deep connective tissue massage)
- Improved circulation
- Reduced risk of stress related diseases
- Speedy recovery from hard training or sports events.

Anybody can have a massage at any time, for any reason.

A regular massage is one of the most basic health needs for everybody, for both physical and psychological health. Treat yourself to the healing qualities of a soothing massage, while at the same time de-stressing the mind and easing all those tight muscles, boosting your immune system and improving your health. Leave your treatment feeling on top of the world.

As an endurance sports man, I have come to value the benefits of regular massage. Although a one-off treatment is always good, the true benefits of massage are only realized with regular sessions of between once a week to
once every 4 weeks.

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I look forward to hearing from you. You can also join my news mailing list at
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Modalities of massage therapy that I offer

Deep connective tissue (DCT) massage

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic breast care massage

Pregnancy massage

The Yeru, super relaxing full body massage

Sports massage

Swedish massage, the classical Western style of massage therapy

Mobile massage

Trigger point therapy

Medical outcomes based massage therapy

Outcomes based massage therapy would include, but not be limited to the following conditions:

Anorexia and massage therapy

Breast massage for prevention of breast cancer

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and massage therapy

Endometriosis and massage therapy

Female impotence and massage therapy

Fibromyalgia and massage therapy

Hashimotos cancer and massage therapy

Male impotence and massage therapy

Mesothelioma and massage therapy

Pelvic floor pain/tightness and massage therapy

Piriformis syndrome and massage therapy

Thoracic outlet syndrome and massage therapy

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Massage Course (Learn how do to give a Swedish massage)

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My name is Craig Botha, and I am a registered therapeutic massage therapist, based in Kempton Park , but I also travel to clients in Gauteng, South Africa. Towns I travel to include those on the East Rand, like Edenvale, Boksburg, Benoni, Bedfordview, and Midrand. Further afield like Sandton, Centurion, Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Randburg will cost more.

sports massage 6. Craig Botha: I am a registered massage therapist in Kepmton Park. call me on 082 812 9721

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sports massage 7. Craig Botha: I am a registered massage therapist in Kepmton Park.

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sports massage 7. Craig Botha: I am a registered massage therapist in Kepmton Park.

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Back massage 1

Swedish massage 1

Sports massage 1

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Back massage 1

Swedish massage 1

Sports massage 1

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C.Botha, Therapeutic Massage Therapist
Reg. no. A10608 107 000 0302910

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